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About Sacred Doulas

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Full Spectrum Doulas

Support for every phase of life.

A full spectrum doula is a non-medically trained community care worker who offers support to people during the full spectrum of pregnancy – from preconception, to birth, to abortion, to miscarriage, to adoption, to postpartum. Long story-short, full spectrum doulas are trained to support the full spectrum of reproductive experiences in inclusive, anti-oppressive, and client-centered ways. They actively practice being open and aware of the diverse reproductive needs and experiences people have, in light of their identity, background, preferences, lived experiences, and so on.

The medical-industrial complex is a system where the -isms (racism, classism, ableism, and so many more -isms that reflect oppressive, dominant culture) are not only lived out but also embedded in policies and practices. This means that many communities and individuals, including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, queer and trans folks, and Disabled people, face disadvantage and oppression within the very system that is intended to support their wellness. We prioritize supporting and advocating for our clients. We hope that our comfort in the process can mitigate some of the fear and trauma.

Our Ethos

Sacred Health opened in November of 2019. At the time, our focus was on a more non-specific but Integrative form of Wellness. Over the years, we have honed in on our true nature - a brave space for families of all kinds to be created, born, and nurtured. At Sacred Health we prioritize the following beliefs:

  1. Health Disparities exist in BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Low Income, Non-English Speaking, and other Under Represented Communities. We not only recognize this, but hope to create brave spaces for individuals and families to feel nurtured and cared for, especially those facing more challenges than others. 

  2. We appreciate and respect a healthy balance of Traditional and Alternative Medical Models and Modalities. In other words, we see ourselves as a more Integrative set of Providers, and support a client's use of whatever balance of those approaches suits them the best.

  3. We will always strive to use Inclusive Language and Respect the Diversity of the individual. A tiny shift in language doesn't cost us anything. If you prefer language that is unique to you or your situation, we will do our best to create an environment in which you feel safe enough to tell us that. 

  4. We support the individual healthcare choices that every person and/or familiy makes for themselves. And, we recognize that this represents a double edge sword. Instead of treading lightly, allow us to be clear on the following positions:

  • We engage in services with both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients, and do not make a distinction between their care until it becomes medically or ethically relavent to that individual. ​

  • We support the right to choose or not choose an abortion/termination, at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason. 

  • We support the right to end life on a clients own terms, up to and including Physician Assisted Suicide in the locations that it is deemed legal.  

  • We support the rights of patients to engage in and make decisions about their own healthcare, including both choosing to engage in care or not engage in care. We draw the line at placing another individual in harms way unnecessarily. Which leads us to...

  • Many of our providers are Mandatory Reporters. And we will not shy away from fulfilling this legally required duty, even if it means that we lose clients, or if it may hurt our public image. Mandatory Reporting protects the vulnerable populations. And it is an important part of providing safe and effective care. 

  • We respect the Religious and Spiritual beliefs of a client as a part of their whole person. We also respect that not everyone will or desires to engage in a religious or spiritual relationship with themselves. All Religions, Spiritual Paths, OR a complete lack of one is simply considered part of the person, and not a directive to any of our policies, models of care, or positions on topics at Sacred Health. 

  • We have an absolute zero tolerance policy against Racism, Bigotry, and any other form of Harassment, Bullying or Discrimination. ​

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