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There are unique situations, and well established disparities in care, that require extra attention. Our Pay it Forward Projects include a fund that allows us to assist pregnant people and families with financial assistance and/or donated services. As we are currently growing these resources and funds, we currently only provide funds to active Sacred Doula clients. 

The Rainbow Fund

We believe that support and services should be available for any family who is expecting or experiences the loss of a baby, without creating a financial burden in addition to their grief. Sacred Doulas is proud to offer our Rainbow Fund.

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Birthing While Black

Black people are dying in pregnancy at rates which are nearly two to six times higher than their white counterparts, and are three times more likely to die following birth. While it’s clear that systemic racism and implicit bias are the two leading causes of this crisis, we believe that expanding access to information about physiologic birth can help improve outcomes. 

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