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Birthing While Black

Black people are dying in pregnancy at rates which are nearly two to six times higher than their white counterparts, and are three times more likely to die following birth. Systemic racism and implicit bias are the two leading causes of this crisis, and we believe that expanding access to information can help improve outcomes. 

Donations can be made here.

This fund, with contributions specifically designated and set aside for its singular intended purpose, provides local Black birthing people with our birth and postpartum services without the full financial burden of that support falling on them. At the same time, our doulas are compensated with a living wage for their work. By gifting money or unused postpartum hours, Black birthing people with limited support networks and resources can receive: 

  • Birth Doula Support during pregnancy and birth, including invitations to our monthly Community Prenatal Meetings

  • Postpartum Doula Support to provide that extra layer of support during a vulnerable time, with compassion and culturally-sensitive guidance that’s in alignment with the family’s needs and goals. 

  • Class Registrations in our various Childbirth Education, Spinning Babies, and Newborn Feeding and Infant Care classes for Black families.

No monies from the Birthing While Black fund are used for class registrations, nor are any administration fees or owner profits taken from these donations.  The free classes are our way of paying it forward.

At this time, our Birthing While Black Funds are available via provider referral only. If you are a local area provider who would like to connect about potentially partnering to support families who may benefit from this fund, reach out here.

How can you help? Community Members from within and outside of the Sacred Doulas families are welcome to help our Birthing While Black Fund flourish. Anyone is able to gift money to this fund by making a contribution below. Alternatively, clients who have unused gift certificates or unredeemed postpartum hours are able to designate those services to benefit this fund. Contributions to our Birthing While Black Fund are a meaningful way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, to honor or recognize the impact doula support has made for your family, or to pay it forward to families who may need this support in the future. 

Ready to read more about this crisis in American Healthcare? Here’s a few resources to get you started:

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