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Cheyenne Deal

Birth Doula

My name is Cheyenne, I am mother to 4 young boys- I quickly fell in love with all things “birth” after I had my first child. We had decided that we wanted to look into different birthing techniques when we became pregnant with our second and ended up choosing hypnobirthing at home. We chose home birth for the following two children as well. Back to the second child, once we had our beautiful birthing experience that we had so desperately wanted- it became abundantly clear that I wanted to be in the birth work field. I wasn’t sure where I would fit in, I had no medical background… then I found out, it wasn’t necessary for doulas to have a medical background, and it wasn’t necessary to have a medical background to make informed decisions regarding birth! Taking control of my decisions based on informed consent is something that I had desired to share with the birthing world around me. When I had learned of an upcoming doula class in early 2018, I jumped fast and high to get there and I learned so much valuable information. Shortly after finishing the class I had taken on my first client and I have been happily practicing since.  My services currently include:

Labor Doula

Placenta Encapsulation

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